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Unser Hotel ist wieder geöffnet.
Für alle Gäste gilt eine „Ausweis-Pflicht“. Bitte halten Sie die entsprechenden Dokumente beim Check-In bereit.
Vielen Dank!

Welcome to the Flair Hotel
and restaurant Zum Benediktiner!

Built as a monastery in the year of 1478, the 'Benediktiner' is today a modern hotel with old-franconian restaurant, in which the charm of the past times remained alive. For more than 150 years the hotel is in the possession of family Kieser, and in-person hospitality is maintained. The cosy country house atmosphere, in the middle of the wonderful landscape of the franconian vineyards, close to the beautiful Main river and directly next to the 5-star-main river bicycle trail, invites you to recover.

We offer our guests different room categories, like for example, for vacationers a room with balcony, also for handicapped guests we have rooms with walk-in showers. Simply ask us!

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